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Regional blood flow in the calf and plasma endothelin during prolonged orthostasis in humans.

This study tested the hypothesis that circulating plasma levels of the vasoconstrictor endothelin increase during prolonged orthostasis in association with changes in both calf regional blood flow, systemic arterial blood pressure and heart rate, and that the 133Xenon wash-out method can be used for prolonged registration of skeletal muscle blood flow. The simultaneous effects of prolonged orthostasis on plasma endothelin, calf skeletal muscle and subcutaneous blood flow, heart rate and arterial blood pressure were investigated in 13 healthy subjects before, during and after 30 min of 50 degree head-up tilt. Blood flow rate was measured by the local 133Xenon wash-out method in the supine position and during 50 degree head-up tilt. The method was evaluated for skeletal muscle for prolonged observation in the supine position in five subjects and compared with blood flow rates measured with plethysmography. Plasma endothelin was unchanged during head-up tilt, despite a maximal reduction in skeletal muscle blood flow rate of 47% (p<0.001) and subcutaneous blood flow rate of 80% (p<0.01) and a maximal increase in heart rate of 15% (p<0.001) and diastolic (12%, p<0.01) blood pressure. The skeletal muscle wash-out curves for 133Xenon were monoexponential from 30 min after injection and at least during the next hour and correlated with total limb blood flow rate assessed simultaneously with plethysmography (r=0.76, p<0.0001). Circulating endothelin does not appear to be in the first line of regulation of calf microcirculation, systemic arterial blood pressure or heart rate during prolonged orthostasis. The 133Xenon wash-out method can be used for prolonged measurement of skeletal muscle blood flow.[1]


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