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Excess tissue friability during CO2 laser vaporization of nodular amyloidosis.

BACKGROUND: Nodular amyloidosis is a rare cutaneous disorder for which many treatments have been described, including carbon dioxide (CO2) laser vaporization. OBJECTIVE: We describe the intraoperative tissue effects encountered during successful treatment of nodular amyloidosis with CO2 laser surgery. METHODS: Two nodules of cutaneous amyloid on the nose of a patient were vaporized with a defocused, continuous-wave CO2 laser. RESULTS: The tissue was found to be highly friable and hemostasis was difficult to achieve during the surgery. These clinical observations were correlated with amyloid infiltration of the dermis and blood vessels on preoperative histologic examination. CONCLUSION: CO2 laser vaporization of nodular amyloidosis may be associated with prominent tissue friability and poor hemostasis.[1]


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