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Laser Surgery

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  • CONCLUSION: The Ki-67 (MIB1) labeling index may be associated with early relapse of limited laryngeal carcinoma treated with transoral laser surgery [30].
  • In the eye, TGF-beta activity has been implicated in causing corneal haze after laser surgery and subconjunctival scarring following glaucoma surgery [31].
  • The patients in the IFN group were more likely to have perianal CA (44% vs 24%), had larger numbers of CA, and were more likely to have had previous treatment, including previous laser vaporization [32].
  • The results indicate that there is no difference in adhesion reformation and tubal patency after laser surgery and after electrosurgery [33].
  • Subclinical decentration (less than 1.0 mm) was found to be a major factor in increased coma-like and spherical-like aberrations after corneal laser surgery [34].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Laser Surgery


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