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Developmental expression of Mab21l2 during mouse embryogenesis.

mab-21 has been identified as a critical component required for sensory organ identity establishment in Caenorhabditis elegans. [Chow, K.L., Emmons, S.W., 1994. Development 120, 2579-2592; Chow, E. L., Hall, D.H., Emmons, S.W., 1995. Development 121, 3615-3625]. Human and mouse homologs of this gene have been isolated and their transcripts are predominantly detected in the eye and cerebellum [Margolis, R.L., Stine, O.C., McInnis, M.G., et al., 1996. Hum. Mol. Genet 5, 607-616; Mariani, M., Corradi, A., Baldessari, D., et al., 1998. Mech. Dev. 79, 131-135. We report here the expression profile of a second murine mab-21 homolog, Mab21l2 [Wong, R.L.Y., Wong, H.T., Chow, K.L., 1999. Cyto. Cell Genet., [in press]. Whole mount in situ hybridization data from embryonic day 8.5 to day 15 revealed that Mab21l2 expression patterns partially overlapped with that of Mab21l1. In addition, its strong expression in the mid- and hindbrain, otic vesicle, optic vesicle, maxillary and mandibular process, paraxial mesoderm, dorsal midline, limb bud and developing digits suggest that Mab21l2 has more diverse functions in vertebrate development.[1]


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