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Gene Review

Mab21l2  -  mab-21-like 2 (C. elegans)

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Protein mab-21-like 2
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High impact information on Mab21l2

  • It is now known to constitute a family of genes that are highly conserved from vertebrates to invertebrates, and two homologs, Mab21l1 and Mab21l2, have been identified in many species [1].
  • We conclude that Mab21l2 expression is essential for optic vesicle growth and formation of the optic cup, its absence causing reduced expression of Chx10 [2].
  • Developmental expression of Mab21l2 during mouse embryogenesis [3].
  • In addition, Mab21l1 had unique expression in the lens vesicles and genital tubercle whereas Mab21l2 was expressed in the retinal epithelium and umbilical cord [4].
  • This gene, Mab21l2, encodes a transcript with an open reading frame discretely organized in a single exon [5].

Biological context of Mab21l2


Anatomical context of Mab21l2

  • Depletion of Mab21l1 and Mab21l2 messages in mouse embryo arrests axial turning, and impairs notochord and neural tube differentiation [4].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Mab21l2

  • Knockdown of Mab21l2 by antisense morpholino microinjections partially phenocopies the rx3 mutation, leading to microphthalmia, incomplete eye maturation, and dramatic increases in apoptotic eye progenitors [6].


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