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The Arabidopsis SKP1-LIKE1 gene is essential for male meiosis and may control homologue separation.

The yeast and human SKP1 genes regulate the mitotic cell cycle but are not yet known to be required for meiosis. Nine Arabidopsis SKP1 homologues have been uncovered and are named ASK1 through ASK9. Here, we report the isolation and characterization of a male sterile Arabidopsis mutant and show that the mutant defect was caused by a Ds transposon insertion into the ASK1 gene. In the ask1-1 mutant, abnormal microspores exhibit a range of sizes. Furthermore, during mutant male meiosis, although homologous chromosome pairing appeared normal at metaphase I, chromosome segregation at anaphase I is unequal, and some chromosomes are abnormally extended. Therefore, in ask1-1, at least some homologues remain associated after metaphase I. In addition, immunofluorescence microscopy indicates that the mutant spindle morphology at both metaphase I and early anaphase I is normal; thus, the abnormal chromosome segregation is not likely caused by a spindle defect. Because the yeast Skp1p is required for targeting specific proteins for ubiquitin- mediated proteolysis, we propose that ASK1 controls homologue separation by degrading or otherwise removing a protein that is required directly or indirectly for homologue association before anaphase I.[1]


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