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Genomic mapping of chromosomal region 2p15-p21 (D2S378-D2S391): integration of Genemap'98 within a framework of yeast and bacterial artificial chromosomes.

The region of chromosome 2 encompassed by the polymorphic markers D2S378 ( centromeric) and D2S391 ( telomeric) spans an approximately 10-cM distance in cytogenetic bands 2p15-p21. This area is frequently involved in cytogenetic alterations in human cancers. It also harbors the genes for several genetic disorders, including Type I hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer (HNPCC), familial male precocious puberty (FMPP), Carney complex ( CNC), Doyne's honeycomb retinal dystrophy (DHRD), and one form of familial dyslexia (DYX-3). Only a handful of known genes have been mapped to 2p16. These include MSH2, which is responsible for HNPCC, FSHR, the gene responsible for FMPP, EFEMP-1, the gene mutated in DHRD, GTBP, a DNA repair gene, and SPTBN1, nonerythryocytic beta-spectrin. The genes for CNC and DYX-3 remain unknown, due to lack of a contig of this region and its underrepresentation in the existing maps. This report presents a yeast- and bacterial-artificial chromosome (YAC and BAC, respectively) resource for the construction of a sequence-ready map of 2p15-p21 between the markers D2S378 and D2S391 at the centromeric and telomeric ends, respectively. The recently published Genemap'98 lists 146 expressed sequence tags (ESTs) in this region; we have used our YAC-BAC map to place each of these ESTs within a framework of 40 known and 3 newly cloned polymorphic markers and 37 new sequence-tagged sites. This map provides an integration of genetic, radiation hybrid, and physical mapping information for the region corresponding to cytogenetic bands 2p15-p21 and is expected to facilitate the identification of disease genes from the area.[1]


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