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A novel truncated env gene isolated from a feline leukemia virus-induced thymic lymphosarcoma.

We PCR amplified the exogenous feline leukemia virus (FeLV)-related env gene species from lymphosarcomas induced by intradermally administered plasmid DNA of either the prototype FeLV, subgroup A molecular clone, F6A, or a new molecular clone, FeLV-A, Rickard strain ( FRA). Of the nine tumors examined, six showed the presence of deleted env species of variable sizes in the tumor DNA. One env mutant, which was detected in a FRA-induced thymic lymphosarcoma, had a large internal deletion beginning from almost the N-terminal surface glycoprotein (SU) up to the middle region of the transmembrane ( TM) protein of the env gene. The deduced polypeptide of this truncated env (tenv) retained the complete signal peptide and seven amino acids of the N-terminal mature SU of FRA env gene, followed by eight amino acids from the frameshift in the TM region. To study the biological function of tenv, we used a murine retrovirus vector to produce amphotropic virions. Infection of feline fibroblasts (H927), human fibrosarcoma cells (HT1080), or human B-lymphoma cells (Raji) led to pronounced cytotoxicity, while the tenv virus did not induce significant cytotoxicity to feline T-lymphoma cells (3201B) or human T-lymphoma cells (CEM). Together, these results convincingly demonstrated that the genetic events that led to truncation in the env gene occurred de novo in FeLV lymphomagenesis and that such a product, tenv could induce cytotoxicity to fibroblastic and B-lymphoid cells but not to T-lymphoid tumor cells. This type of selective toxicity might be potentially important in the development of the neoplastic disease.[1]


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