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Runt domain factor (Runx)-dependent effects on CCAAT/ enhancer-binding protein delta expression and activity in osteoblasts.

Transcription factor CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein delta (C/EBPdelta) is normally associated with acute-phase gene expression. However, it is expressed constitutively in primary osteoblast cultures where it increases insulin-like growth factor I synthesis in a cAMP-dependent way. Here we show that the 3' proximal region of the C/EBPdelta gene promoter contains a binding sequence for Runt domain factor Runx2, which is essential for osteogenesis. This region of the C/EBPdelta promoter directed high reporter gene expression in osteoblasts, and specifically bound Runx2 in osteoblast-derived nuclear extract. C/EBPdelta gene promoter activity was reduced by mutating the Runx binding sequence or by co-transfecting with Runx2 antisense expression plasmid, and was enhanced by overexpression of Runx-2. Exposure to prostaglandin E(2) increased Runx-dependent gene transactivation independently of Runx2 binding to DNA. Runx2 bound directly to the carboxyl-terminal region of C/EBPdelta itself, and its ability to drive C/EBPdelta expression was suppressed when C/EBPdelta or its carboxyl-terminal fragment was increased by overexpression. Consistent effects also occurred on C/EBPdelta-dependent increases in gene expression driven by synthetic or insulin-like growth factor I gene promoter fragments. These interactions between Runx2 and C/EBPdelta, and their activation by prostaglandin E(2), provide new evidence for their importance during skeletal remodeling, inflammatory bone disease, or fracture repair.[1]


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