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Fc-rosette inhibition by hypocomplementaemic systemic lupus erythematosus sera.

Human red cells sensitized with one of the Rh antisera (Ripley) form rosettes (Fc-rosette) with human B lymphocytes and the rosettes are well inhibited by aggregated human IgG. Since sera of hypocomplementaemic patients with systemic lupus erythematosus ( SLE) have frequently been reported to contain immune complexes, they were used for the inhibition of Fc-rosette formation in this study. The results of Fc-rosette inhibition rates of the sera were inversely correlated with the serum CH50 levels. When the sera were separated into top, middle, and bottom fractions by ultracentrifugation, the bottom fractions showed more effective inhititions than the others. Similarly, the strongest inhibition was found in the void volume of the serum separated by Sephadex G200 gel filtration. Reduction and alkylation of IgG resulted in the loss of reactivity with Fc receptor of B lymphocytes, and the rosette inhibiting activities of the SLE sera were markedly reduced after reduction and alkylation. Some of anti-HLA sera were inhibitory for the Fc-rosette formation, while the tested sera did not contain anti-HLA activity assessed by the microcytotoxicity test. These results indicated that circulating immune complexes contained in the sera inhibit the rosette formation, and that the Fc-rosette inhibition test is a simple and relatively sensitive method for the detection of circulating immune complexes. Antinuclear antibody activities of the sera were tested by the indirect immunofluorescent method; however, clear correlations were not obtained between Fc-rosette inhibition rates and staining patterns of antinuclear antibodies. On the other hand, the positive groups of LE-test exhibited slightly greater inhibition rates of the rosette than the negative groups.[1]


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