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Pregnancy following renal transplantation in Sri Lanka.

OBJECTIVE: To assess the outcome and complications of pregnancy following renal transplantation in Sri Lanka. METHODS: Ten pregnancies following transplantation managed between January 1993 and July 1999 by the University Obstetrics and Gynaecology Unit, De Soysa Hospital for Women, Colombo were reviewed. RESULTS: Five women had planned pregnancy with an average duration from transplantation to conception of 2.3 (+/- 0.2) years; five had an unplanned pregnancy within 12 months of transplantation. All were treated with immunosuppressives, with none developing rejection. In the planned pregnancy group, 3 developed pregnancy induced hypertension and 3 impaired glucose tolerance. All delivered mature healthy babies with an average birth weight of 2.6 (+/- 0.3) kg. In the unplanned group, 1 developed cholestatic jaundice and delivered a growth retarded baby at 36 weeks. Another developed severe pulmonary oedema at 34 weeks (due to a past myocardial infarction) resulting in a fresh stillbirth. Two others has mid-trimester foetal deaths complicating severe diabetes mellitus. The conception at 3 months after transplantation developed diabetes mellitus and pregnancy induced hypertension, and delivered a live growth retarded baby. None had deterioration of renal function. CONCLUSION: Although a successful outcome is possible with stringent pre-pregnancy selection, maternal morbidity and foetal wastage can be high in those without.[1]


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