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The role of gender in salt-induced hypertension.

To evaluate gender differences in salt-induced hypertension, female and male Dahl salt-sensitive rats were fed high (8.0% NaCl, HS) and low (0.3% NaCl, LS) salt diets. During a 3-week treatment period, blood pressure was significantly elevated in both female and male HS groups compared to their respective LS groups. The blood pressure and 4 week mortality rate of the female HS group, however, were significantly lower than those of the male HS group. Renal and aortic blood flows were reduced in male rats on HS diet compared to the LS group, while, in females, renal blood flow was elevated and aortic flow was maintained while on HS diet. Plasma prostaglandin E2 and prostacyclin levels were higher in females than males and unaffected by diet. In contrast, plasma nitric oxide levels were reduced by HS, regardless of gender. In isolated aortic rings, HS diet caused a smaller elevation in the stimulated norepinephrine release ratio in female rats than in males. Thus, salt-induced hypertension is associated with a reduction in levels of nitric oxide regardless of gender. Plasma prostaglandin E2 and prostacyclin levels were higher in females. Taken together, the higher plasma prostaglandin levels and reduced sympathetic activity in females may be contributing factors in their lower blood pressure and reduced mortality.[1]


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