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Rats, Inbred Dahl

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  • Dahl salt-sensitive rats (n = 6 per group) on standard or salt-enriched chow were treated for 8 wk with O (36 +/- 4 mg/kg per d), C (94 +/- 2 mg/kg per d), or placebo [25].
  • METHODS: Dahl salt-sensitive rats fed a high-salt diet for seven weeks were divided into three groups: eight untreated rats (DHF group), eight rats given high-dose amlodipine (10 mg/kg/day; HDA group) and seven rats given low-dose amlodipine (1 mg/kg/day; LDA group) [26].
  • Salt-sensitive (DS) and salt-resistant (DR) Dahl rats were treated for 8 wk with high salt diet (4% NaCl) alone or in combination with the ET(A) receptor antagonist LU135252 (60 mg/kg per d) [27].
  • To test this hypothesis in Dahl salt-sensitive rats given sodium chloride (4%) for 3 weeks, we supplemented dietary potassium (2.1%) with either KCl (n = 16) or KHCO3 (n = 16) [28].
  • Failure of salt loading to inhibit tissue norepinephrine turnover in prehypertensive Dahl salt-sensitive rats [29].

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