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Head injuries in skiers: an analysis of injury severity and outcome.

To examine the incidence, injury severity, and outcomes of persons hospitalized as a result of ski-related head trauma, a cross-sectional survey was carried out from the Colorado traumatic brain injury database. This database is an ongoing population-based statewise surveillance system, compiled by the Department of Public Health and Environment. Participants were Colorado residents who sustained a head injury while skiing at Colorado ski resorts and hospitalized over three full ski seasons (1994--1997). Injury severity measures included GCS, ISS, AIS, and presence/absence of intracranial lesion, skull fracture and amnesia. Outcome measures included GOS and hospital length of stay. Mean injury severity scores were as follows: GCS 14.51 (SD=0.99), AIS 2.98 (0.99) and ISS 13.17 (6.71). Twenty-four per cent sustained skull fracture, 39% had intracranial lesions, and 79% demonstrated amnesia. Mean length of stay was 4.31 days (10.58). Head injury incidence was 0.77 per 100 000 ski visits (age-specific range=0.17--1.91). Males were more likely to have a skull fracture and evidence of intracranial lesion. Finally, children and older adults were at increased risk of ski-related head trauma, suggesting head injury prevention programmes geared toward these age groups should be emphasized.[1]


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