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Evidence for the expression of interleukin (IL)-18, IL-18 receptor and IL-18 binding protein in the human endometrium.

To see whether the interleukin (IL)-18 system is operative in the endometrium, we examined the expression of IL-18, IL-18 receptor (IL-18R) and IL-18 binding protein (IL-18BP), the substance known to neutralize IL-18 activity, in this tissue. Reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction analyses showed that IL-18, IL-18R and IL-18BP mRNA were constitutively expressed without significant fluctuation throughout the menstrual cycle. When epithelial cells and stromal cells were cultured separately, the expression levels of IL-18 mRNA in epithelial cells were about 18-fold higher compared to those in stromal cells. Furthermore, the IL-18 precursor protein was detected by Western blot analysis in cultured epithelial cells but not in stromal cells. Recombinant human IL-18 stimulated the secretion of interferon (IFN)-gamma by resident bone marrow-derived cells in the endometrium. On the other hand, IFN-gamma up-regulated the IL-18BP expression both in cultured epithelial cells and stromal cells. Thus, we have presented evidence for the presence of the IL-18 system in the human endometrium. In light of its immunomodulatory roles in a variety of tissues, this system may afford protection against pathogenic micro-organisms and provide a regulatory mechanism for controlled trophoblast invasion by modulating a local cytokine network.[1]


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