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Isolation and characterization of Vsx1, a novel mouse CVC paired-like homeobox gene expressed during embryogenesis and in the retina.

Gastrula stage mouse embryo RNA was screened by degenerate RT-PCR to yield a novel paired-like homeobox gene. The open reading frame encoded by the cDNA was most similar to human VSX1. Mouse Vsx1 encodes a protein of 363 amino acid residues that contains a CVC domain that was originally identified as a conserved motif among mouse CHX10, goldfish VSX-1 and C. elegans CEH-10. Linkage analysis showed that mouse Vsx1 mapped to the distal region of chromosome 2. RT-PCR analysis detected mouse Vsx1 transcripts from gastrulation and post-gastrulation stage mouse embryos, suggesting a role for Vsx1 during mouse embryogenesis. Analysis of the eyes of mouse chimeras generated with embryonic stem cells in which a lacZ reporter was targeted to the Vsx1 locus suggested that Vsx1 is expressed in the inner nuclear layer of the retina.[1]


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