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DAPD (Emory University/Triangle Pharmaceuticals/Abbott Laboratories).

Triangle Pharmaceuticals is developing DAPD, a prodrug of the viral replication inhibitor dioxolane guanosine, as a potential therapy for HIV and HBV infection. Phase I/II dose range studies have commenced for HIV, and clinical development for HBV was to have commenced by late 1999 [319145], [319956]. Phase II trials are scheduled for the second quarter of 2001. The FDA has designated DAPD as a Fast Track product [365894]. DAPD is from a different nucleoside series to FTC and CS-92, which are also in development by Triangle. The compound may offer advantages over several nucleosides from other series that are already on the market because of its unique structure and pharmacological properties [247083]. Both DAPD and DXG are dioxolane purine nucleoside analogs [319660]. Preclinical data suggest DAPD may be of use in combination therapies for HIV-infected patients who are therapy-naive, in addition to patients who have previously received treatment and including those infected with drug-resistant strains of HIV-1 [341145], [341335]. Triangle licensed DAPD from Emory University [216900]. In June 1999, Triangle and Abbott Laboratories entered into an alliance for the development and marketing of six antiviral products, including DAPD [326824].[1]


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