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Deletion of RBM and DAZ in azoospermia: evaluation by PRINS.

Molecular and cytogenetic studies from infertile men have shown that one or more genes controlling spermatogenesis are located in proximal Yq11.2 in interval 6 of the Y chromosome. Microdeletions within the azoospermia factor region ( AZF) are often associated with azoospermia and severe oligospermia in men with idiopathic infertility. We evaluated cells from a normal-appearing 27-year-old man with infertility and initial karyotype of 45,der(X)t(X;Y)(p22.3;p11.2)[8]/46,t(X;Y)(p22.3;p11.2)[12]. By fluorescence in situ hybridization with dual-color whole chromosome paint probes for X and Y chromosomes, we confirmed the Xp-Yp interchange. By primed in situ labeling, we identified translocation of the SRY gene from its original location on Yp to the patient's X chromosome at band Xp22. We also obtained evidence that the apparent marker was a der(Y) (possibly a ring) containing X and Y domains, and observed that the patient's genome was deleted for RBM and DAZ, two candidate genes for AZF.[1]


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