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Antioxidative activity of Allium victorialis L. extracts.

Allium victorialis L. (Liliaceae, "Hon-Gyoujya Nin-Niku" in Japanese) was successively extracted with hexane, acetone, methanol and 70% methanol and the extracts were further separated into a total of twenty-five fractions by silica gel and ODS column chromatographies. The biological activities of these four extracts and 25 column fractions were compared. The cytotoxic activity of all extracts and fractions against two oral tumor cell lines was significantly higher than that against normal human gingival fibroblasts, suggesting their tumor-specific action. Three methanol column fractions [M2, M3, M6] and a 70% methanol column fraction [70M6] most effectively reversed the multidrug resistance ( MDR) against L5178 mouse T cell lymphoma. The electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopy showed that methanol column fractions and 70% methanol extracts produced the highest amount of radical(s) and most efficiently scavenging O2*-, generated by the hypoxanthine-xanthine reaction system, suggesting that the same substances in these fractions display both prooxidant and antioxidant properties. They showed no anti-human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or anti-Helicobacterpylori activity. These data suggest the medicinal efficacy of Allium victorialis extract.[1]


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