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On the regulation of Crisp-1 mRNA expression and protein secretion by luminal factors presented in vivo by microperfusion of the rat proximal caput epididymidis.

Synthesis and secretion of certain epididymal proteins are regulated by lumicrine factors from the testis or from upstream regions of the excurrent ducts. Cysteine-rich secreted protein-1 (Crisp-1) is a major androgen regulated protein in the epididymal lumen fluid of the rat and other species. Previous research has demonstrated that disturbance of the luminal microenvironment through obstruction of the tract reduces Crisp-1 synthesis and secretion. The present study was undertaken to determine the influence of the luminal microenvironment on rat proximal caput epididymal Crisp-1 secretion into lumen fluid and on Crisp-1 gene expression in the same tubules. Western blot analysis demonstrated that Crisp-1 protein concentrations were reduced from control levels by perfusion with artificial caput fluid containing no testicular factors and were not increased by perfusion with fluids containing rete testis fluid proteins. Crisp-1gene expression was also reduced by perfusion with artificial caput fluid and not increased by perfusion with rete testis fluid proteins. Perfusion with artificial caput fluid containing 5alpha-dihydrotestosterone did increase one Crisp-1 transcript. This study demonstrates that intraluminal testicular proteins are not important co-regulators with androgens of Crisp-1gene expression or resulting Crisp-1 secretion into the rat proximal caput tubule lumen in vivo.[1]


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