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Monoclonal antibody against human sperm-specific YLP12 peptide sequence involved in oocyte binding.

The monoclonalantibody (mAb) against YLP12 peptide was raised and its immunobiological properties were examined. In the Western blot procedure, the YLP12 mAb recognized a specific protein band of approximately 50 +/- 5 kD in human sperm extract and approximately 72 +/- 5 kD in human testis extract. The myeloma Ig control did not recognize these specific protein bands. In the immunofluorescence studies, the YLP12 mAb, and not the myeloma Ig, predominantly reacted with the acrosome regions of methanol-fixed human sperm. In the acrosome reaction assay, the YLP12 mAb showed a significant (p < .001) and a concentration-dependent inhibition of acrosome reaction. The myeloma Ig did not affect the acrosome reaction. There was no apparent effect of antibodies on sperm motility. Thus, the monoclonal antibody, if humanized by genetic engineering technology, may provide a useful immunocontraceptive agent.[1]


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