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The human V-preB promoter is a target for coordinated activation by early B cell factor and E47.

The development of mature B lymphoid cells involves a highly orchestrated regulation of stage- and lineage-specific genes. In this study, we report an analysis of the human surrogate L chain VpreB promoter. The promoter has an overall homology of 56% to the mouse counterpart and displays a preB cell-restricted activity in transient transfections in cell lines. The promoter harbors three independent binding sites for early B cell factor ( EBF) as defined by EMSA and supershift experiments. These sites were important for the full function of the promoter in a preB cell line, and chromatin immunoprecipitation experiments indicate that EBF interacts with the promoter in vivo. In addition to this, ectopic expression of EBF induces the activity of a reporter gene under control of the VpreB promoter in epithelioid HeLa cells, an effect augmented by coexpression of the basic-helix-loop helix transcription factor E47. The ability to interact directly with E47 was shared by the promoters controlling the human mb-1 and B29 genes. These data indicate that the human VpreB promoter is a direct target for activation by EBF and E47 and that functional collaboration between these proteins may be of great importance in human B cell development.[1]


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