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Distribution of dynamins in testis and their possible relation to spermatogenesis.

Dynamin 2 and dynamin 3 are highly expressed in testis. However, their functions in the tissue remain unclear. Considering that dynamin 1, neuron-specific isoform of dynamin, plays a pivotal role in endocytosis, functions of dynamin 2 and dynamin 3 in testis must be essential. Cellular expression and subcellular localization of dynamin 2 and dynamin 3 in testis were investigated. Dynamin 2 and dynamin 3 were highly expressed in germ cells and Sertoli cells, constituents of seminiferous tubules. By immunofluorescence it was revealed that dynamin 2 colocalizes with clathrin both at the plasmamembrane and at Golgi in a cell line of Sertoli cells. Immunoreactivity for dynamin 3, on the other hand, appeared as finer puncta, which did not colocalize with clathrin, suggesting that these two dynamins have distinct functions in Sertoli cells. In the klotho deficient mouse testis, which demonstrates disorder in spermatogenesis, expression of dynamin 2 and dynamin 3 was drastically reduced indicating possible association of these proteins with spermatogenesis.[1]


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