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Association of the chaperone glucose-regulated protein 58 (GRP58/ER-60/ERp57) with Stat3 in cytosol and plasma membrane complexes.

Glucose-regulated protein 58 (GRP58/ER-60/ERp57), best known as a chaperone in the endoplasmic reticulum lumen, was previously identified by us as one of several accessory proteins in the S100 cytosol fraction of human hepatoma Hep3B cells that was differentially coshifted by anti-Stat3 antibody in an antibody-subtracted differential protein display assay. In the present study, the association between GRP58 and Stat3 in different cytoplasmic compartments was evaluated using cross-immunoprecipitation and cell-fractionation techniques. In the S100 cytosol fraction, three different anti-GRP58 polyclonal antibodies (pAb) cross-immunoprecipitated Stat3 (but not Stat1), and, conversely, anti-Stat3 pAb cross-immunoprecipitated GRP58. Both cytosolic Stat3 and GRP58 eluted during Superose-6 gel-filtration chromatography in complexes of size 200-400 kDa (statosome I), and anti-Stat3 pAb cross-immunoprecipitated GRp58 from these FPLC elution fractions. Using differential sedimentation and density equilibrium flotation methods, Stat3 and GRP58 were observed to be coassociated with cytoplasmic membranes enriched for the plasma membrane marker 5' nucleotidase but not with those containing the endoplasmic reticulum marker BiP/GRP78. The Stat3 and GRP58-containing plasma membrane fraction also contained Stat1, Stat5b, and gp130. Stat activation by orthovanadate caused the accumulation of PY-Stat3 in the GRP58-containing plasma membrane fraction. However, this PY-Stat3 was DNA-binding deficient. Likewise, excess exogenous recombinant human GRP58 prepared using a baculovirus expression system preferentially inhibited Stat3 DNA- binding activity in the S100 cytosol, suggesting that GRP58 may sequester activated Stat3. The new data confirm the association between GRP58 and Stat3 in cytosolic 200-400-kDa statosome I complexes and show that both GRP58 and Stat family members coassociate in the plasma membrane compartment. We suggest that the chaperone GRP58 may regulate signaling by sequestering inactive and activated Stat3.[1]


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