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Congenic BB.SHR (D4Mit6-Npy-Spr) rats: a new aid to dissect the genetics of obesity.

OBJECTIVE: The phenotypic characterization of congenic BB.LL rats recombining a segment of the SHR chromosome 4 (D4Mit6-Npy-Spr; 12 cM) into the BB/OK background indicated that these rats were not lymphopenic and did not develop diabetes, but they were significantly heavier (at 16 weeks of age) and showed higher serum triglycerides and total cholesterol concentration. RESEARCH METHODS AND PROCEDURES: BB.LL rats were longitudinally studied for facets of metabolic syndrome (body mass index, blood glucose, serum lipids, insulin, leptin, and systolic and diastolic blood pressure) from 2 to 12 months of age. RESULTS: In this study, it was shown that BB.LL are obese, hyperleptinemic, hyperinsulinemic, and dyslipidemic compared with their parental BB/OK rats. DISCUSSION: It can be concluded that there is a gene(s) in the introgressed segment causing incomplete metabolic syndrome, because they do not develop hypertension and diabetes. To identify the gene(s), the introgressed chromosomal segment must be systematically whittled down to generate recombinants and new subcongenic lines carrying a much smaller segment of the SHR/Mol rat to increase the chance of identification of the appropriate gene(s).[1]


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