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Sulfonamide derivative, E7820, is a unique angiogenesis inhibitor suppressing an expression of integrin alpha2 subunit on endothelium.

In the process of angiogenesis, endothelial adhesion molecules play a significant role in vascular morphogenesis, in coordination with angiogenic factor signaling. Here we report that a novel angiogenesis inhibitor, E7820 (an aromatic sulfonamide derivative), inhibited in vitro proliferation and tube formation of human umbilical vascular endothelial cell (HUVEC). E7820 decreased integrin alpha2, 3, 5, and beta1 in confluent culture of HUVEC, and integrin alpha2 was initially suppressed in mRNA level, followed by decrement of integrins alpha3, 5, and beta1. The inhibition of integrin alpha2 expression in HUVEC showed dose dependence but did not alter the level of CD31. Up-regulation of integrin alpha2 by phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate abrogated the inhibitory effect of E7820 on tube formation within type I collagen gel, whereas addition of antibody against integrin alpha2 canceled the phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate effect. These results suggest that E7820 inhibited tube formation through the suppression of integrin alpha2. Oral administration of E7820 remarkably resulted in inhibition of tumor-induced angiogenesis in mouse dorsal air sac model, and tumor growth of human colorectal tumor cell lines (WiDr and LoVo) was inhibited in xenotransplanted model in mice. This is the first time that a small molecule has been shown to modulate integrins, and this finding may provide the basis for a new approach to antiangiogenic therapy through the suppression of integrin alpha2 on endothelium.[1]


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