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Cobb syndrome in an infant: treatment with endovascular embolization and corticosteroid therapy: case report.

OBJECTIVE AND IMPORTANCE: Cobb syndrome is a rare clinical entity characterized by the combination of a vascular skin nevus and an angioma in the spinal canal at the same metamere. We present a case report of an infant with Cobb syndrome. CLINICAL PRESENTATION: A 5-month-old girl presented with cutaneous hemangioma of the thoracolumbar region (T5-T12) and paraparesis. The infant was examined by magnetic resonance imaging and aortography and was diagnosed with Cobb syndrome. INTERVENTION: The patient received orally administered prednisolone therapy and underwent endovascular embolization of paravertebral and spinal angiomas with the use of n-butyl-2-cyanoacrylate. Her symptoms improved by combined treatment with liquid embolization and corticosteroid therapy. CONCLUSION: Although Cobb syndrome has been reported in older children, it is extremely rare in infants. To our knowledge, this is the first report of an infant with Cobb syndrome treated with endovascular embolization and corticosteroid therapy. The combined treatment with corticosteroid therapy and endovascular embolization of cutaneomeningospinal angioma in Cobb syndrome seems effective in alleviating symptoms and minimizing morbidity.[1]


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