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Disease relevance of Paraparesis


Psychiatry related information on Paraparesis

  • Electromyographic reaction times (EMG-RTs) of the right knee extension were examined in eight normal subjects and eight patients with paraparesis under three conditions; during passive knee flexion (PFLX), passive extension (PEXT) and no passive movements (STAT) [6].
  • Clinical signs of disease included disorientation and truncal ataxia that rapidly progressed to hemiparesis or paraparesis [7].

High impact information on Paraparesis

  • Changes in the excitability of the soleus H-reflex are were studied after oral administration of L-acetylcarnitine, a cholinomimetic substance, in eight healthy control subjects and 23 spastic patients presenting with slowly progressive paraparesis (n = 10), a cord lesion (n = 9) and a cerebral lesion (n = 4) [8].
  • Ganciclovir therapy, 5-10 mg/kg per day, instituted 3-6.5 weeks after onset of symptoms, was ineffective in four patients with severe paraparesis [9].
  • Comparison of the mutation-positive group with the SPG4-excluded group revealed an older age at onset (p = 0.03), more disability (p = 0.001), more rapidly progressive paraparesis (p = 0.044), and more cognitive impairment (p = 0.024) among affected individuals with SPAST mutations, not confounded by disease duration [10].
  • Six of the eight (75%) WKA rats injected with MT-2 cells showed HAM/TSP-like paraparesis at 108 weeks of age [11].
  • After cyclophosphamide and glucocorticoid therapy, both her acute deficits and chronic paraparesis improved [12].

Chemical compound and disease context of Paraparesis


Anatomical context of Paraparesis


Gene context of Paraparesis


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Paraparesis

  • Radiotherapy and bromocriptine in extreme doses (140 mg daily) together with an antiestrogen were not able to improve the neurological deficits (paraparesis) and to lower the PRL levels [28].


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