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Reflex suppression of renin secretion during distention of cardiopulmonary receptors in dogs.

We studied the effect of brief periods of left atrial-pulmonary vein distention on the rate of renin secretion in sodium-restricted dogs anesthetized with chloralose and breathing spontaneously. Series 1 consisted of 32 trials in seven dogs with intact renal nerves and intact vagi. Renin secretion, calculated as the product of renal venous minus arterial renin activity (radioimmunoassay) times renal plasma flow (electromagnetic flowmeter), was depressed to 56% of control during atrial distention despite no change in arterial pressure, central venous pressure, or renal blood flow. Series 2 consisted of 58 trials in 12 dogs which had undergone unilateral renal denervation several days prior to the studies. Simultaneous, bilateral determinations indicated that renin secretion from the innervated kidney was depressed to 58% of control during atrial distention; secretion from the denervated kidney was unchanged. Series 3 consisted of 30 trials in six dogs with bilateral cervical vagotomy. Atrial distention evoked no changes in renin secretion. We conclude that left atrial distention reflexly reduces the rates of renin secretion via vagal afferent and renal sympathetic efferent pathways.[1]


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