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Lhx9 expression during gonadal morphogenesis as related to the state of cell differentiation.

Lhx9 (LIM/ Homeobox gene 9) encodes a transcription factor implicated in various developmental processes, including gonadogenesis. Our observations in the rat show that Lhx9 expression present in undifferentiated gonads disappears as epithelial cells differentiate into Sertoli cells and begin to express AMH. In rat and in chick testes, Lhx9 expression present in interstitial cells decreases progressively to become undetectable after birth. In the female rat, Lhx9 is highly expressed in epithelial ovigerous cords of the fetal ovary. Its expression is down-regulated as epithelial cells differentiate into granulosa cells during the process of folliculogenesis occurring at birth. If this process is impaired by the lack of oocytes, ovigerous cord organization is maintained together with Lhx9 expression. In conclusion, Lhx9 expression can be inversely correlated with the commitment into a differentiation pathway of the different categories of mesothelium-derived cells of the gonad.[1]


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