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Molecular cloning of an arabidopsis homologue of GCN2, a protein kinase involved in co-ordinated response to amino acid starvation.

DNA homologous to the yeast ( Saccharomyces cerevisiae) protein kinase gene, GCN2, was amplified from arabidopsis [ Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh.] RNA and given the name AtGCN2. The AtGCN2 peptide sequence included adjacent protein kinase and histidyl tRNA synthetase-like domains and showed 45% sequence identity with the GCN2 peptide sequence in the protein kinase domain. AtGCN2 transcripts were detectable in RNA from roots, leaves, stems, buds, flowers, siliques and seedlings. GCN2 is required for yeast cells to respond to amino acid starvation. Expression of AtGCN2 in yeast gcn2 mutants complemented the mutation, enabling growth in the presence of sulfometuron methyl, an inhibitor of branched-chain amino acid biosynthesis, and 3-aminotriazole, an inhibitor of histidine biosynthesis.[1]


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