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Components involved in assembly and dislocation of iron-sulfur clusters on the scaffold protein Isu1p.

The mitochondrial proteins Isu1p and Isu2p play an essential role in the maturation of cellular iron-sulfur (Fe/S) proteins in eukaryotes. By radiolabelling of yeast cells with 55Fe we demonstrate that Isu1p binds an oxygen-resistant non-chelatable Fe/S cluster providing in vivo evidence for a scaffolding function of Isu1p during Fe/S cluster assembly. Depletion of the cysteine desulfurase Nfs1p, the ferredoxin Yah1p or the yeast frataxin homologue Yfh1p by regulated gene expression causes a strong decrease in the de novo synthesis of Fe/S clusters on Isu1p. In contrast, depletion of the Hsp70 chaperone Ssq1p, its co-chaperone Jac1p or the glutaredoxin Grx5p markedly increased the amount of Fe/S clusters bound to Isu1p, even though these mitochondrial proteins are crucial for maturation of Fe/S proteins. Hence Ssq1p/Jac1p and Grx5p are required in a step after Fe/S cluster synthesis on Isu1p, for instance in dissociation of preassembled Fe/S clusters from Isu1p and/or their insertion into apoproteins. We propose a model that dissects Fe/S cluster biogenesis into two major steps and assigns its central components to one of these two steps.[1]


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