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Excavations into the active-site gorge of cholinesterases.

Acetyl- and butyrylcholinesterase (ACHE, BCHE) from evolutionarily distant species display a high degree of primary sequence homology and have biochemically similar catalytic properties, yet they differ in substrate specificity and affinity for various inhibitors. The biochemical information derived from analyses of ACHE and BCHE from human, Torpedo, mouse, and Drosophila, as well as that from the recombinant forms of their natural variants and site-directed mutants, can currently be re-examined in view of the recent X-ray crystallography data revealing the three-dimensional structure of Torpedo ACHE. The picture that emerges deepens the insight into the biochemical basis for choline ester catalysis and the complex mechanism of interaction between cholinesterases and their numerous ligands.[1]


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