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DNA sequencing and analysis of a 24.7 kb segment encompassing centromere CEN11 of Saccharomyces cerevisiae reveals nine previously unknown open reading frames.

A 24.7 kb segment of the cosmid clone pUKG047 containing a Sau3AI-partial fragment from the centromere region of Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome XI was sequenced and analysed. A mixed strategy of directed methods including exonuclease III nested deletion, restriction fragment subcloning and oligonucleotide-directed sequences was carried out. Exclusive use was made of the Applied Biosystems Taq DyeDeoxy Terminator Cycle technology and a laser-based AB1373A sequencing system for reactions, gel electrophoresis and automated reading. A total of 12 open reading frames (ORFs) was found. Nine new ORFs (YK102 to YK110) were identified, three of which (YK102, YK107, YK108) showed homologies to proteins of known function from other organisms. In addition, sequence analysis revealed three recently functionally characterized genes (MET14, VPS/SPO15, PAP1), which could be joined to the earlier published CEN11 region.[1]


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