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Transcriptional regulation of the mouse calbindin-D9k gene by the ovarian sex hormone.

Calbindin-D9k levels in the rat uterus are under the control of estrogen. We found that the putative estrogen response element (ERE) failed to bind to the estrogen receptor from the mouse uterus. We therefore isolated mouse genomic clones of the calbindin-D9K gene and analyzed their expression in the mouse uterus. The promoter region of the gene contained several putative steroid hormone receptor binding sites. To characterize these elements, we constructed several promoter-reporter plasmids, and transiently transfected them into T47D breast cancer cells that express both estrogen and progesterone receptors. Luciferase activity was expressed from a promoter region containing the putative progesterone response element (PRE) and expression was stimulated by progesterone. In the uterus of oophorectomized mice, the calbindin-D9k gene was up-regulated by progesterone, but not by estrogen. These results suggest that the mouse uterine calbindin-D9k gene is expressed under the control of a PRE.[1]


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