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Drug-induced modulation of IL-2 production in experimental murine trypanosomiasis.

In this study we evaluated the effects of N-acetyl-cysteine and indomethacin in restoring IL-2 producing ability in vitro of splenocytes from mice infected with Trypanosoma equiperdum. Spleen cells from these mice were found to produce significantly lower levels of interleukin-2 (IL-2) in response to mitogen stimulation than spleen cells from uninfected control mice. This was accompanied by considerable suppression of IL-2-receptor expression, which was not attributable to the elimination of a particular T-cell subset. Impairment of IL-2 production was not due to a primary defect in L3T4+ T-cells, but rather to the presence of both adherent and non-adherent suppressor cells that apparently acted via prostaglandin-independent and dependent mechanisms. In fact, the IL-2-producing ability of lymphocytes from infected mice could be efficiently restored by in vitro exposure to N-acetyl-cysteine or indomethacin.[1]


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