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Bovine chymosin: production by rDNA technology and application in cheese manufacture.

Bovine chymosin, an aspartyl protease extracted from abomasum of suckling calves, is synthesized in vivo as preprochymosin and secreted as prochymosin which is autocatalytically activated to chymosin. Chymosin is bilobular, with Asp 32 and Asp 215 acting as the catalytic residues. Chymosin A and chymosin B have pH optima of 4.2 and 3.8, respectively, and act to initiate milk clotting by cleaving kappa-casein between Phe 105 and Met 106. The gene encoding chymosin has been cloned and expressed in suitable bacteria and yeast hosts under the control of lac, trp, trp-beta, gly A genes, and serine hydroxymethyl-transferase promoters. Protein engineering of chymosin has also been attempted. A number of companies are now producing recombinant chymosin for commercial use in cheese manufacture.[1]


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