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Transport regulation of recombinant gene expression in E. coli and B. subtilis.

Expression kinetics of the lactose (lac) operon in Escherichia coli are reviewed for both wild-type and recombinant cell cultures under chemostatic conditions. A unified model which involves regulation of active inducer (lactose) transport, promoter-operator regulated expression of the lac operon, glucose-mediated inducer exclusion, and catabolite repression is summarized and supporting data is shown to verify its accuracy. The synthesis of alpha-amylase with a recombinant form of Bacillus subtilis is also reviewed to point out generic features in transport regulation, the lac operon model providing a point of departure. While there are many similarities in the influence of transport on both regulating models, there are also important differences. In a chemostat system, the synthesis of alpha-amylase is nongrowth associated, while beta-galactosidase is a growth-associated enzyme. Nevertheless, transport regulation is an important feature in both instances.[1]


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