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Iron toxicity protection by truncated Ras2 GTPase in yeast strain lacking frataxin.

Yeast strain deleted for the YFH1 gene, which encodes the orthologue of human frataxin, accumulates iron in mitochondria, constitutively activates the high-affinity iron import system in the plasma membrane, and is sensitive to high iron media. We have performed a genetic screen for mutants of a yfh1 deleted strain with increased resistance to high levels of iron. One of the identified mutations caused the deletion of the hypervariable C-terminal region of Ras2p GTPase. The effect of ras2 mutation on the growth of yfh1 null strain was masked by the addition of caffeine. We found that the ras2 mutation does not alter the expression of the iron regulon nor prevent mitochondrial iron accumulation in a yfh1 mutant context. The double yfh1 ras2 mutant has increased mRNA levels of CIT2 gene and augmented catalase activity.[1]


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