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Absence of ras oncogene activation in rat urinary bladder carcinomas induced by N-methyl-N-nitrosourea or N-butyl-N-(4-hydroxybutyl)nitrosamine.

Previously, we demonstrated point mutations of the H-ras gene in N-[4-(5-nitro-2-furyl)-2-thiazolyl]formamide (FANFT)-induced rat urinary bladder carcinomas. In this study, ras oncogene activation was examined in urinary bladder carcinomas induced by N-(4-hydroxybutyl)nitrosamine (BBN) or N-methyl-N-nitrosourea (MNU) administration followed by uracil treatment. In the first experiment, MNU (20 mg/kg body wt) was i.p. injected into 11 male F344 rats twice a week for 4 weeks, followed by feeding 3% uracil for 20 weeks (MNU/uracil group). Ten rats were given only 3% uracil without MNU pretreatment. In the second experiment, 20 male F344 rats were given 0.05% BBN in the drinking water for 4 weeks, then fed 3% uracil for 20 weeks (BBN/uracil group). Another 20 rats were fed 3% uracil without the BBN pretreatment. Transitional cell carcinomas were induced in the urinary bladder of all rats in the MNU/uracil and BBN/uracil groups. Papillomas and hyperplasias were present in the rats given uracil without prior BBN or MNU. DNA and protein were extracted from the tumors (MNU/uracil or BBN/uracil groups) or from the scraped bladder epithelium (uracil alone groups). Sequences around codons 12, 13 and 61 of H-, K- and N-ras genes were examined by direct sequencing after polymerase chain reaction, and p21 was examined by Western blotting. No mutation was found within the examined sequences and p21 showed no changes in mobility. There was no difference in the level of p21 expression between rats treated with MNU/uracil or BBN/uracil compared to corresponding uracil alone groups. These results indicate that the ras oncogene was not activated in urinary bladder carcinomas induced by BBN or MNU in combination with uracil treatment, in contrast to previous findings with FANFT.[1]


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