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Mimicry of elastin repetitive motifs by Theileria annulata sporozoite surface antigen.

Theileria annulata is an important pathogen of cattle in the tropics. The gene sequence of a sporozoite surface antigen (SPAG-1) is reported. Data is also presented demonstrating that SPAG-1 is synthesised as a large precursor. This antigen, which is a candidate for inclusion in a subunit vaccine, shows a remarkable degree of molecular mimicry to the extracellular matrix protein elastin. It contains both repetitive motifs PGVGV and VGVAPG. Immunofluorescence using a monoclonal antibody against VGVAPG confirmed that this peptide is expressed on sporozoites as predicted. The presence of VGVAPG is particularly interesting since this is the ligand for elastin receptors on a range of cell types, including macrophages/monocytes which are a major class of host target cells. It is proposed that this antigen represents the ligand whereby T. annulata recognises its host cells.[1]


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