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Therapeutic effects of endoscopic variceal ligation combined with partial splenic embolization for portal hypertension.

AIM: To evaluate the feasibility of a new strategy of endoscopic variceal ligation combined with partial splenic embolization ( EVL- PSE) for patients with cirrhosis and portal hypertension. METHODS: From May 1999 to May 2002, 41 cases with cirrhosis and portal hypertension underwent EVL- PSE. Hemodynamics of the main portal vein (MPV), the left gastric vein (LGV) and azygos vein, including maximum velocity, flow rate and vein diameter, were assessed by Doppler ultrasonography. RESULTS: One case died from pulmonary artery embolism. One case complicated with splenic abscess was successfully managed by laparotomy. The esophageal varices and hypersplenism were well controlled after EVL- PSE in other patients. After EVL- PSE, the flow rate and velocity of MPV was significantly reduced (P<0.05), as well as the flow rate of the LGV and azygos vein. During the follow-up, no recurrent bleeding was found. CONCLUSION: Being more convenient and less invasive, EVL- PSE is hopeful to be a proper intervention strategy for portal hypertensive patients with impaired hepatic function or those intolerant to shunting or devascularization surgery.[1]


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