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TWEAK can induce pro-inflammatory cytokines and matrix metalloproteinase-9 in macrophages.

The expression of TWEAK (TNFSF12) and TweakR/Fn14 was detected in regions rich in macrophage/foam cells in atherosclerotic plaques. The role of TWEAK in monocytes in relation to atherogenesis was investigated by analyzing the cellular events induced by TWEAK in a human macrophage-like cell line, THP-1. TWEAK induced various molecular mediators of atherogenesis, such as IL-6, MCP-1, IL-8 and MMP-9, and the induction was augmented by interferon-gamma. TWEAK- induced activation of MMP-9 was mediated by activation of NF-kappaB. These results suggest that TWEAK is involved in atherosclerosis by inducing pro-inflammatory cytokines and extracellular matrix degrading enzymes, which reduce plaque stability.[1]


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