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S100A11 gene identified by in-house cDNA microarray as an accurate predictor of lymph node metastases of gastric cancer.

Gastric cancer is one of the most common malignancies in the world, and in Asian countries its incidence and mortality rates are very high. Worldwide, Japan ranks first in the incidence of this type of cancer for both sexes. To shed light on the mechanisms underlying the development and/or progression of gastric cancer, we compared the expression profiles in gastric cancer cells obtained from surgical dissection of 20 gastric adenocarcinoma specimens with those in the corresponding non-cancerous mucosa, by cDNA microarray analysis. In total, 8,000 cDNA clones were randomly picked up and their 5'-end nucleotide sequences were determined. On the basis of sequence information, 4,608 independent clones were selected and used to produce the cDNA microarray. We identified 26 genes that were commonly up-regulated and 44 genes that were commonly down-regulated in cancerous tissues. To validate the cDNA microarray analysis, real-time PCR was performed. We found that gene S100A11 expression was associated with the development of lymph node metastases. S100A11 gene expression was clearly up-regulated in specimens from patients with lymph node metastases relative to those from patients without lymph node metastases. S100A11 gene expression status was useful to distinguish gastric cancers with lymph node metastases from those without lymph node metastasis. This genome-wide information contributes to an improved understanding of molecular changes during the development of gastric cancers. It may also help clinicians predict the development of lymph node metastases and assist researchers in identifying novel therapeutic targets for patients with gastric cancer.[1]


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