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Histone deacetylase inhibitor 4-phenylbutyrate suppresses GAPDH mRNA expression in glioma cells.

The histone deacetylase ( HDAC) inhibitor 4-phenylbutyrate (4-PB) is a non-toxic compound that can induce differentiation and promote maturation of various types of malignant cells. In the present study we show that 4-PB inhibit glioma cell proliferation, induce apoptosis and decrease mRNA expression of glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase ( GAPDH) in a concentration-dependent manner. Proliferation of established rat glioma cell lines (RG2 and C6) in culture was significantly decreased after treatment with 4-PB (2-40 mM). Low concentrations of 4-PB (2-20 mM) induced cell differentiation followed by apoptosis, whereas higher concentrations of 4-PB (40 mM) induced cell necrosis. Also, low concentrations of 4-PB significantly decreased GAPDH mRNA expression in C6 and RG2 rat glioma cells, suggesting a link between decreased cell proliferation, energy consumption, and down-regulation of GAPDH gene expression. We have found that GAPDH mRNA expression is markedly increased in human glioblastoma tissues. Therefore, the novel effect of 4-PB described here may offer means to suppress growth of glioma cells by diminishing the key reaction in glycolysis as a therapeutic approach for cancer.[1]


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