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Mechanical regulation of HB-GAM expression in bone cells.

Bone adaption upon mechanical stimulation is accompanied by changes in gene expression. In this context we investigated the influence of mechanical loading on heparin binding growth associated molecule (HB-GAM) expression, an extracellular matrix molecule which in cell culture has been shown to stimulate the differentiation of osteoblasts. We obtained information on the participating signal transduction pathways using a mitogenic loading regimen. Specific inhibitors of various signal transduction pathways were added to loaded cells and to unloaded controls. By semi-quantitative PCR studies we demonstrated a rapid decrease of HB-GAM expression in primary osteoblasts and SaOs-2 cells by 20-30% upon mechanical loading within 30min. We showed that the RGD-integrin interaction is involved in the regulation of HB-GAM expression. Furthermore, integrity of the cytoskeleton, stretch-activated, and voltage-sensitive Ca(2+) channels as well as gap junctional communication are necessary for the downregulation of HB-GAM expression by mechanical loading.[1]


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