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Hypolipidemic effects of crude extract of adlay seed (Coix lachrymajobi var. mayuen) in obesity rat fed high fat diet: relations of TNF-alpha and leptin mRNA expressions and serum lipid levels.

To find out whether the expressions of these adipocyte markers are influenced by oriental medicine, obesity rats induced by high fat diet (HFD) for 8 weeks were injected with 50 mg/100 g body weight adlay seed crude extract (ACE), daily for 4 weeks. The results are summarized as follows: HFD + ACE group significantly reduced food intakes and body weights. Weights of epididymal and peritoneal fat were dramatically increased in HFD groups compared with those of normal diet (ND) group but significantly decreased more in HFD + ACE group than those of HFD + saline group (sham). Those of brown adipocytes were increased in HFD + ACE group compared to ND and sham groups but there was no significant difference. The sizes in white adipose tissue (WAT) by microscope were markedly larger in HFD groups than ND group but considerably reduced in HFD + ACE group compared with sham group. The levels of triglyceride, total-cholesterol and leptin in blood serum were significantly decreased in HFD + ACE group compared to those of sham group. Leptin and TNF-alpha mRNA expressions in WAT of rats were remarkably increased more in sham group than in those of ND group. Those of HFD + ACE group were significantly decreased compared with those of sham group, especially. TNF-alpha mRNA expression in HFD + ACE group was declined more than that of ND group. In conclusion, treatments of ACE modulated expressions of leptin and TNF-alpha and reduced body weights, food intake, fat size, adipose tissue mass and serum hyperlipidemia in obesity rat fed HFD. Accordingly, the oriental medicine extract, adlay seed crude extract, can be considered for obesity therapies controlling.[1]


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