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Extracellular H+ dynamics during oogenesis in Rhodnius prolixus ovarioles.

The spatiotemporal dynamics of transmembrane hydrogen ion (H+) fluxes during oogenesis were investigated in the telotrophic ovarioles of the insect, Rhodnius prolixus. Although Rhodnius ovarioles possess exaggerated morphological and electrical polarity between nurse cells and oocytes, little is known about H+ changes during oogenesis, despite the regulatory role played by H+ and pH in many relevant cellular processes. A number of dynamic extracellular H+ fluxes were measured along Rhodnius ovarioles, representing an oogenesis cycle, using a non-invasive, self-referencing, H+-selective probe. The interfollicular stalk separating adjacent follicles exhibited prominent H+ efflux that peaked during midvitellogenesis and declined during late vitellogenesis. H+ efflux in this region preceded stalk formation and, importantly, preceded the onset of vitellogenesis in the adjacent posterior follicle. H+ efflux was also observed over the terminal follicle, where specialized regions of the chorion were forming, and was still detected around follicle cells after ovulation, indicating that the somatic follicular epithelium produced this flux. Transmembrane H+ fluxes may drive intracellular pH changes or may stabilize pHi in response to pH-altering events. H+ fluxes may play a role in processes that coincide spatially and temporally, including the onset of vitellogenesis, endocytosis, follicle cell cytoskeletal dynamics, and regulation of interfollicular feedback mechanisms.[1]


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