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Intestinal glutaminase activity is increased in liver cirrhosis and correlates with minimal hepatic encephalopathy.

BACKGROUND/AIMS: We performed the current study to assess the intestinal activity of enterocyte phosphate-activated glutaminase (PAG) in cirrhosis. METHODS: Forty-nine cirrhotic patients and 36 control subjects underwent endoscopic duodenal biopsies. Minimal hepatic encephalopathy (MHE) was evaluated using three psychometric tests. Oral glutamine challenge (OGC) was performed and MELD, Child-Pugh and the presence of esophageal varices were recorded. PAG was measured by enzymatic methods. Cerebral magnetic resonance spectroscopy was performed in 10 cirrhotics. RESULTS: PAG was found to be higher in cirrhotics than control subjects 2.4+/-1.51 vs. 0.68+/-0.57IU/mg protein (P<0.001). PAG was also increased in patients with MHE and correlated with MELD, INR, esophageal varices and serum bile acids. A negative correlation was observed between PAG activity and intra-cerebral choline/creatine ratio (r=-0.67; P=0.035) and a positive correlation with glutamine plus glutamate/creatine ratio (r=0.78; P=0.007). In multivariate analysis using backward logistic regression, presence of MHE was the only variable independently related to altered enterocyte PAG. CONCLUSIONS: Enterocyte PAG is increased in cirrhotic patients and correlates with MHE. These data support a possible role for intestinal glutaminase in the pathogenesis of hepatic encephalopathy (HE) and could be a new target for future therapies.[1]


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