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Alphavbeta integrins play an essential role in BMP-2 induction of osteoblast differentiation.

Both integrins and BMP-2 exert similar effects on osteoblasts. We examined the relationship between the alphav-containing integrins (alphavbeta) and BMP-2 in osteoblast function. BMP-2 stimulates alphavbeta expression. BMP-2 receptors co-localize/overlap with alphavbeta integrins, and the intact function of alphavbeta is essential in BMP-2 activity. INTRODUCTION: Bone morphogenetic protein (BMP)-2 not only induces osteoblast differentiation and bone matrix mineralization, but also stimulates osteoblast migration on and adhesion to bone matrix proteins. The alphavbeta- and beta1- (alphabeta1) containing integrins mediate osteoblast interaction with many bone matrix proteins and play important roles in osteoblast adhesion, migration, and differentiation. Because alphavbeta integrins and BMP-2 share common effects on osteoblasts, we analyzed their relationship in osteoblast function. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The effects of BMP-2 on integrin expression were determined by surface labeling/immunoprecipitation and cell adhesion to matrix proteins. Confocal analysis of the immunostained cells and co-immunoprecipitation of cell extracts were used to study the spatial relationship between integrins and BMP-2 receptors. A function-blocking anti-alphavbeta integrin antibody (L230) was employed to investigate the roles of alphavbeta integrins in BMP-2 function. RESULTS: Human osteoblasts (HOBs) express alphabeta1, alphavbeta3, alphavbeta5, alphavbeta6, and alphavbeta8 integrins at focal adhesion sites. BMP-2 increases the levels of these integrins on osteoblast surface and enhances HOB adhesion to osteopontin and vitronectin. Immunoprecipitation and immunostaining analyses show that BMP-2 receptors co-localize or overlap with alphavbeta and alphabeta1 integrins. Incubation of HOBs with L230 abolishes the antiproliferative effect of BMP-2 and reduces the capacity of BMP-2 to stimulate alkaline phosphatase activity and the expression of osteocalcin, osteopontin, and bone sialoprotein. Furthermore, L230 prevents BMP-2 induction of matrix mineralization. Although BMP-2 retains its receptor-binding capability in the presence of L230, BMP-2 stimulation of Smad signaling is abolished by L230. CONCLUSION: BMP-2 upregulates the expression of alphavbeta integrins, and these integrins, in turn, play a critical role in BMP-2 function in osteoblasts.[1]


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